Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar; Trio of Fries

I had heard about the food at Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar from a fellow foodie and was really itching to try it out. Seeing as I was at a meeting in downtown Vancouver all day today,

Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar
Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar

I made a point of popping into Rogue Wetbar on my way home (even though I had lunch courtesy of The Lazy Gourmet catering). I just had to get a taste sample of the Rogue Kitchen Trio of Fries.

Trio of Fries
Trio of Frie

I started with the fries with parmesan and truffle oil. Such a rich and complex flavour combination. I read recently that the use of truffle oil is like fake boobs; all show and no go. Well, if that is the case, I now understand why fake boobs are so popular. The flavours worked their way right into my face. Wow.

Next was the basket of fries with Gorgonzola cream and bacon. Thick, crunchy chunks of bacon with oozing Gorgonzola melted onto the fries…delicious.

In hindsight, I should have started with the poutine. The flavours simply did not have the strength to match the truffle oil or Gorgonzola.

Yes, the poutine was delicious, just not the flavour power-blasts that the other fries had.

Overall, even though I had already eaten lunch and was not terribly hungry, I cleaned up on these fries. For good reason.


I look forward to the next time I get back down to the Waterfront Station so that I can try the Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar 9.2 ounce Rogue burger.

The Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar has two locations, the one I visited is located in the Waterfront Station building, downtown Vancouver. They have another location at Ash on Broadway in Vancouver.

The Trip of Fries cost me $9.49 before the dreaded HST was added to the bill.

Disclosure; I bought and paid for my Trio of Fries with money that should have been used for groceries for my family. Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar provided me with no financial or other form of incentive to write this review. As always, in all my blog posts, I maintain editorial control.
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