Rogue Wetbar – Waterfront Location 

I happened to be downtown Vancouver and needed a place to eat after a morning meeting and decided to re-visit the Rogue Wetbar’s Waterfront Station location. I was impressed with the friendly and informed customer service that we received as well as the food we were served.

For food, we ordered a selection of starters to share at the table; I will only cover the top three of them here although we did have the Kale and Quinoa Power salad, the brussel sprouts which had beautiful flavours but are NOT photogenic!

First were the nachos; good, but not great. The plate was loaded with nacho chips absolutely covered in cheese melted. A pleasant flavour sensation were the chunks of mango and thin slices of jalapeno on the nacho chips.

The salsa was okay. Nothing special.

We also had the Rogue trio of fries – one with poutine, another with Gorgonzola cream and bacon and the third one had truffle oil and Parmesan. I found the truffle oil fries a touch too strong but the other two, especially the Gorgonzola cream fries were amazing.



The other really outstanding thing we ate at the Rogue Wetbar was the oversized apple pie with a caramel sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This thing was definitely over-sized!! It almost filled the plate – a dinner plate!!



Overall, we had a great time at the Waterfront Station location of the Rogue Wetbar and will happily eat there again when we are downtown.