Romer’s for Dine Out 2016

I am still in Vancouver’s very trendy neighborhood of Yaletown doing some intensive training work. Tonight instead of working through dinner we took a short break and were able to wander off on our own for dinner. I chose to stop in at Romer’s Yaletown location. 


 I went for the $20 Dine Out Vancouver menu option at Romer’s. To start I chose their Kale and Romaine Quinoa salad. The menu said it came with avocado and bacon. There was lots of bacon and it was very crunchy with excellent flavour. However, if I hadn’t been told there was avocado in the salad I would have missed it all together.

The dressing on the salad was very good and made the kale quite palatable.


For my main I went with the Magic Mushroom burger. The menu says “the flavour will blow your mind.” Well, my mind was not blown by the flavour. 

Yes, the beef patty had excellent flavour and consistency but that was it. The menu also lists caramelized onions as the first ingredient – and yet there were only two small pieces of onion. The mushrooms were good, but nothing magic about them. 

Burgers at Romer’s do not come with fries and I just can’t imagine a burger without fries so I ordered a side of sea salt fries. They were hot when they arrived and held their heat well while I was eating. Their exterior was very crisp with just hint of salt on them. 

I finished off with an order of the Romer’s Drunken Doughnuts which were awesome little flavour bombs. 

With a sleeve of Moody Ales beer my bill was just over $30. The food was good but certainly not great and to be honest, I will probably not return to Romer’s again for a beer and burger. 

Romer’s is located at 1039 Mainland Street in Vancouver’s Yaletown.