Rules For Dads Raising Daughters

Typically when my Sweetheart sends me web links and advice on how to be a good father (like the book she bought me, Dad’s Book of Answers, written by a woman) I laugh and don’t bother reading much of it. After all, I am usually the source of endless wisdom, why do I need to know more?

This one she sent me from the Good Men Project, “Rules For Dads Raising Daughters” I actually read. Well okay, I read the title of each one. Some of them may make you squirm, #5 in particular, but read them and learn. But good advice.





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  1. steven schwartz Avatar

    I really like the Good Men Project. Someone told them to reach out to me a few months back and I have been visiting them daily since then. I would love to eventually write a piece for them. You should write for them as well as you are a “Good Man” and I proud to know you.