Safety Reminders for the First Day of Spring

Today being the first day of spring, and a sunny Saturday as well, it was inspiring to see so many people out in their yards trimming shrubs and bushes, planting flowers and what-not and cutting their lawns. However, there was one part of this scene that was more than a little perturbing to me, Mr Safety, and that was the number of people using trimmers and cutters without using any eye protection.

Of particular concern are the people using the weed whacker-whipper-snapper-things or whatever you call that thing that whips a plastic-like cord around in a circle as you move along the edge of your lawn. That thing is whipping dirt, sand, pebbles and rocks up and into the air. It is but for the grass of good luck that a flying piece of rock does not lodge in your eye if you dare to use it without safety glasses.

I have a cousin who many years ago had a summer job working for a city works crew. Once a week they were assigned the task of weed-whacking-edging. Being a paid job, there was definitely more awareness of safety so most people wore safety glasses. Some people chose to wear the face shield to protect their entire face. My cousin said that if you were not wearing the face shield then you had better keep your mouth firmly shut because there was lots of dog shit along the edges where they had to weed whack. A mouthful of dog shit was a great way to ruin your lunch break. Seems to me that it would be easier to just wear a face shield.

People, your eyes are incredibly delicate and vulnerable; wear safety glasses when you are weed-whacking-trimming or whatever you choose to call it. Close your eyes for a minute and imagine that is all you will see for the rest of your life. People, you can control this situation. Wear eye protection.