Salt and Pepper Cafe in the Starlight Casino

I had plans to meet a friend for breakfast this morning. Seeing as he was coming into town from Delta, we decided to give the Salt and Pepper Cafe in the Starlight Casino a try. Unfortunately, I have nothing to say about the place.

I was carrying my Saddleback Leather Messenger Bag with my laptop in it so that I could entertain my friend with countless pictures of my toddlers and that was the deal breaker; apparently nobody is allowed to carry a laptop inside the casino. Even though I was going to the cafe, and not the casino, I was not allowed to pass through the casino carrying my laptop in my briefcase.

We left the casino property and headed up to Amelia’s on 12th Street in New Westminster where we broke our fast.

Once we had a couple cups of coffee in us, we laughed at the situation; the reality is that anybody carrying an iPhone probably has as much computing power in the pocket as my laptop. I will try to sneak into the Cafe again, without the awesome computing power of my laptop.






2 responses to “Salt and Pepper Cafe in the Starlight Casino”

  1. James Janzen Avatar
    James Janzen

    Stacey are you sure you are not on some kind of no fly list for casinos. Maybe they were just using the laptop as an excuse.

  2. stacey Avatar

    All I wanted to do was see if they could cook and egg…and take a picture of it. Oh well.