Searching for a new car

So I mentioned to Sweetheart that I was trying to use a more informed approach to finding our dream car and that I was reading about used cars and how to find the perfect used family car.

Old Family Car
Old Family Car

You might think that she would be pleased that I was trying get more informed about the possible new family car options I would be dragging her and the kidlets out to see. You might think that. You would be wrong too.

Her response was, “Our next car is going to be a new car. And here, have a look at this very cool new tool we can use to help us find our perfect-for-us new car.” And you know, the car-choosing tool that she showed me was actually pretty cool.

GM has created a really fun and yet practical way to figure out what kind of new car you need for your life circumstances. To choose your new car you answer a series of somewhat quirky questions and then you are presented with a new car that they think suits your life situation.

After you have chosen, you have the option of seeing your choice compared to two other cars of similar size and value.

The first car that it suggested would be a good fit for my needs was a Chevrolet Suburban. This is actually quite funny because I basically grew up in a Suburban; my parents always had Suburbans when I was a kid.

Chevrolet Trax
Chevrolet Trax

I know that a Suburban would be the perfect family car for me (if I owned my own gasoline refinery), but being a bit of a realist I know that need and want have very different meanings, so I delved deeper into GM’s new car search-webtool and found the Chevrolet Trax.

I really liked the look of this new vehicle; all-wheel drive, it sits up high so you have good visibility, good ground clearance with 18″ wheels, all sorts of traction control and braking assist devices, and a feature that everyone with little kids can use; a back up camera so that you do not back over any toys left in the driveway.

Yesterday I said that my next test-drive was going to be in a Mazda 5. Well now it looks like I will be heading to a GM dealer to take a Chevrolet Trax out for a spin. Stay-tuned for my next test-drive video!!