Searching for the perfect family car

My long term readers will know that I have been searching for the perfect family car for quite some time. Yes, I have been searching for the perfect car for sale for quite some time.

Ferrari Maranello
Ferrari Maranello – not the perfect family car

You may recall my test drive of a Ferrari Maranello. Although the Ferrari had ferocious acceleration, the lack of back seat room was a real problem.

Add in the fact that it did not have cup holders and…well, so much as I wanted to, I did not close the deal on the Maranello.

You also might remember my ride with Ed Begley Jr in the Nissan Leaf. I have the same concern with the Leaf as I do with my mobile phone – battery life. Although I am still waiting to hear back from a local Leaf owner, he has told me anecdotally that battery life is not a concern.

I did not take the Hummer H2 out for a test ride, however I did do a walk-around and sit inside the surprisingly small Hummer wannabe. Horrendous fuel consumption and a serious lack of interior space convinced me to not even bother starting the beast.

That has all changed now; instead of going out on the road and wasting the time of car sales folk all over the Metro Vancouver area, before I go out to look for a car for sale I am doing a little pre-trip reading and research.

I have started to read and research via Autonet about the perfect family car. And guess which car is the next logical choice for me to test drive? The Mazda 5.

Truth be told though, I do not always like to take out the “logical choice”. Sometimes I do enjoy going for the more exotic rides on the road. I will keep you posted on what car is next for a test drive. Stay tuned.

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