Sears photo portrait saga goes on

Remember me talking about the holiday theme photo shoot and the person there handing me the pics from our previous shoot? Did I mention that the previous shoot took place in August? And that they had previously printed the pictures but when they went to give them to me they saw the corners of the pictures were all bent over? So they said, no problem, we will get reprints done and have them for you in the next couple of weeks.

So now we are in November and guess what? They did get the reprints done. And when we got home to look at them, there is a great big line right up the middle of the photo. Classy. Quality control? Missing.

So they will reprint them AGAIN. And to make things “better”, the person in Sears gave us a 1-800 phone number to call to complain to. Huge failure on their part in every single way. I wouldn’t go into Sears to use their washroom now. What an embarrassment for them.