Henrik and Daniel Sedin Donate to BC Childrens’ Hospital

How cool is this? Canuck superstars, Henrik and Daniel Sedin have donated $1.5 million towards the construction of the new BC Childrens’ Hospital.

The Sedin twins say that they have lived in Vancouver for ten years and want to be sure to give back to the community that they play hockey in.

“Henrik and I along with our families feel very fortunate to live and work in this great city and province. We are committed to giving back to the community we live in and wanted to do something that would benefit children and families across the province,” said Daniel Sedin.

Our family has a special connection to the BC Childrens’ Hospital. Story and Annalie were born in that hospital.

Not until I lived through our high-risk pregnancy and all too sudden child birth process did I appreciate Childrens’ Hospital. I will never forget the day that Wifey phoned me from the hospital (she had been hospitalized for a month due to pregnancy complications). She said hello and then handed the phone over to a doctor who told me to remain calm, everything is going to be fine but the babies inside the womb had gone into distress.

I have to admit that it is difficult to remain calm when you hear those words. The doctor recommended that I get to the hospital as soon as possible in the event of the situation becoming more complicated.

To make a long story short, the twins were born, the natural route, about 12 hours later. And they were fine because of the amazing people who work at BC Childrens’ Hospital. Within a few days they were transferred to the Royal Columbian Hospital where an entirely new set of angels helped our little ones grow and get stronger.

Thank you Daniel and Henrik for supporting the children of BC. You make me proud.