Shave of the Day – the Unkown Shave Soap

Last week I used up the last of my Shaving Yetis Shore Leave shave soap so I needed to grab a new soap off the shelf of my shave cave.

The funny thing is, I can’t remember who made the shave soap that I grabbed this morning! Which is too bad because, in every way it is an excellent soap.

The scent of the soap is very nice mild. I don’t know how to describe it because it’s not overly citrusy or mentholated or any of the usual types of scents I have previously sampled. It is just a soothing and pleasing to the nose scent.

Shave of the Day
Shave of the Day

As for the soap’s performance, I am very pleased to report that the new shave soap did not lather up into a light, airy form like many other soaps do. This soap worked into a very thick and rich lather that went on the skin beautifully – I will say it lathers like a creamy icing that adheres and holds to the beard ready for the blade. The more I worked the soapy brush on my beard the richer and creamier the lather became. A winner.

As you can see in the photo, there are two razors. I typically use the Aristocrat with a Lord blade for shaving my head. Today I switched out the Lord blade for a Pol Silver blade.

Pol Silver Blades
Pol Silver Blades

The Pol Silver Super Iridium blade was one of the nicest and smoothest blades I have used ever. The blade glided across my head without any issues; no bumps, scratches or knicks. Simply put, it was absolutely the finest blade I have ever used on my head ever.

To shave my face this morning I used my Merkur 1904 with my usual Lord blade. All good.

However, after trying the Pol Silver on my head, next time I shave my face I am going to switch out the Lord for a Pol Silver blade.

I used my usual pre-shave and aftershave treatment – my Handsome Rob pre-shave and aftershave. I like the way the oil softens up the beard and today I used a spot about the size of a dime and applied it to the back of my head. This is a change from my normal shave routine and I’m not sure if it was part of what made today’s shave so smooth. Whatever, it was it was an awesome shave.

So to wrap up, the mystery shave soap, the pre-shave oil, the new Pol Silver blades and the soothing aftershave made for a premium shave today. Now to try and figure out what kind of shave soap that it is I was using!!