The Shaving Yeti’s Magic Elixir

The guys from The Shaving Yeti sent me a puck of their new Dr Yeti’s Magic Elixir to do a test shave and video with. In the package with my puck was a puck of their super-face-freezing menthol shave soap, Yeti Snot and a shave stick of Columbian Necktie.

The Yeti Snot and Columbian Necktie soaps could be yours. See below the video for details about how you can win these soaps. However, have a look at the video:

Here is the super simple how-to for you to win the puck of Yeti Snot and the shave stick of Columbian Necktie:

  • Make a comment on this blog post with a number between 1 (one) and 100 (one hundred). (Yes, you can enter with numbers one or 100).
  • If multiple people enter the contest with the same number the first person to have used the number will be recognized.
  • One entry per email address.
  • On Friday, January 31st, 2014 sometime shortly after 6pm PST I will use an iPad app to generate a random number to decide the winner of this giveaway.
  • When posting your comment/number be sure to include your name and a valid email address (which will not be published or shared or sold or used to send you spam). The email address will be the way that I communicate to the winner of this giveaway.
  • The winner of the shave soaps will be required to pay the cost of shipping the prize to their home.
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  1. The random number generator has come up with the number 83. That means that the winner of this giveaway is Chris B with his entry of 74. Congrats!

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