Show Some Gratitude Today

Although this may sound somewhat morbid, do you ever think about what life would be like if you or your life partner stopped being an active participant in it?

Let me put that another way, what if you suddenly weren’t part of your family, say if you died unexpectedly.

Or perhaps even worse, imagine if your partner suddenly disappeared from your life. Yikes.

Let me explain a little further. In the morning I wake up and head downstairs to our kitchen where I grab the coffee pot and pour myself a cup of coffee.

Somewhere, someone has made a pot of coffee. Every morning someone special in my life makes that wonderful pot of coffee.

Another example, my kids are in swimming, dance, soccer, ballet, painting, skiing, and an entire host of other activities. Their lessons are added to the shared family calendar (thank you Google!).

My role in this is to make sure that they get to the lesson on time (no small feat that). I am the person behind the wheel.

How the kids get registered in these programs I have no idea.Where the clothes come from that the girls wear, I have no idea.

How the girls get their hair done in a way that looks reasonably fashionable or stylish, I have no idea. If it was up to me the kids would go to school looking like a raccoon had nested in their hair overnight.

What food to pack in their lunches is beyond me. Who knew that peanut butter and jam sandwiches are not allowed in elementary schools. That was what I grew up on!

Let’s be clear, I have my roles and responsibilities around the house as well.
I don’t think anybody knows where the garbage goes after it leaves the little silver can underneath the sink

I’m pretty sure nobody knows that the small container of rice on the counter has to be refilled and where it gets refilled from.

You know that magical pot of coffee that I mentioned that appears every morning? If it wasn’t for me there would be no coffee beans in the house to make that coffee with.

Similar to the garbage, is there anybody else in our house that understands the compost doesn’t just sit there and compost magically on the the end of the counter?

I guess what I’m getting at is that we all have roles and responsibilities in our homes.

It is difficult to imagine what life would be like if the partner you have always relied on suddenly wasn’t there.

I will say definitively that my life would be significantly more difficult without my partner. First off where was that magical cup of coffee that is always there first thing in morning.

Give a little nod to your partner and recognize them for all the good that they bring your life. Think about all that they do to make your life better and more wonderful.

In spite of the difficulties you may or may not have, think about all the good things they bring to your life, like that magical cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Till next time.