What Those Signs Really Mean

As an observer of people and peoples’ behaviours, I have noticed something funny going on in our society; people do not seem to understand the meaning of some of the signs that are frequently posted around our communities.

Even if we totally disregard the fact that very few drivers understand that a yellow traffic light means stop if safe to do so and that a red light means stop, there are some more signs that people do not seem to understand.

Crosswalk Sign
Crosswalk Sign

First off, let’s say what the sign in the picture above does NOT indicate – it does not mean that every car, truck, motorcycle, or bicycle operator will see you if you are pedestrian and will therefore stop. The hand of God or some other Supreme Being is NOT going to reach out of the sky and stop all vehicle traffic.

It does mean that it is safer bet to cross the street at this point than most other points.

And as a car or truck driver, it does mean that there is a higher than average chance that a pedestrian is going to be stepping out and trying to cross the street near a sign like this.

Wheelchair Parking
Wheelchair Parking

Here is another classic sign that is so often misinterpreted. This sign does NOT mean you can park here because you are going to “just run in and grab a whatever it is you are going to grab.”

Typically this sign is posted at parking spots which are reserved for people who have mobility issues. You know the type, people in wheelchairs or the elderly who cannot walk far.

Swimming Pool - No Shoes
Swimming Pool – No Shoes

My favourite sign most often posted at swimming pools. Once again, here is what this sign does NOT mean – it does not mean that you can keep your shoes on as you tiptoe across the pool deck.

It means take your shoes and socks off because this is a pool deck and your shoes may have fecal matter (poop stuff), sharp objects or other stuff on the bottoms that will hurt childrens’ little bare feet.

So that is it. These signs are typically posted for a reason; pay attention and do what the signs say.


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