Sleeping and Dreaming

Last night, for only the second time since since our baby girls were born I slept long and deep enough to actually slip into a dream. The subject matter of the dream is what is quite amusing.

My dream took me on a complicated path through a restaurant/meeting room complex to a caucus retreat meeting with the BC NDP. Once I was in the meeting room I found my political ally, Tania.

Perhaps the first dream I had was even more peculiar. In that dream I met one to one with Michael Ignatieff at his 4500 acre ranch. I honestly do not even know if he owns a ranch! But in my dream we were sitting in the living-room of his massive ranch house looking out at the mountains. For the record, we did not talk politics.

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  1. For a second dream in a year and a half this is amusing, interesting, open to all kinds of interpreting of your psyche and present state of mental health – but it is insufficiently “juicy”. If it must be political, let something horrifying slip from Michael Ignatieff’s lips, or a scandal erupt at the caucus retreat …. then, again, one can probably pick up any of several newspapers for such “juice”.

    May you sleep well, again, and keep the dreams flowing!

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