Sneaking Away for a Date

For the first time in about a year my Sweetheart and I got out of our house and went on a date. Yes, just the two of, out on the town with clean clothes, without babies or any baby diaper bags or ANYTHING in our hands except each others’ hand. It was awesome.

Quite awhile ago my Sweetheart bought a Groupon for the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver Afternoon Tea. The Groupon expires at the end of this month so we needed to use it, or lose it. We decided to use it.

Once the babysitting team was in place we headed for the front-door of our house. As we opened it Baby A saw us with our coats on, door opening…she put two and two together…screams ensued. We clenched our teeth and kept going. We did not look back.

It took quite awhile for us to get used to not having the girls with us but as the miles clicked away on the Skytrain, we relaxed more and more. We talked…without babies screaming or demanding attention. We talked to one another about grown-up things and what we wanted to do. We talked about work and we talked about the interior decor of the Hotel Vancouver. we noticed that there was a high-chair in the corner of the dining-room of the tea room and just laughed at the thought of bringing our girls to eat at the Hotel Vancouver at this stage of their lives.

It was fabulous to be out. It was fabulous to walk holding hands and enjoying each others’ company. Ahh…what a great day.

And the Afternoon Tea? It was also great. Pretty little sandwiches cut into wedges, fresh cranberry scones with clotted cream, pumpkin cheesecake tarts…so lovely.

I did not take any pictures because I thought it would have been rude to be taking pictures in the dining-room. As it turns out every other table had someone snapping pictures of the sandwiches and desserts. However, it was still great to not have to carry anything.

We knew that there were 2900 Groupons sold for this Afternoon Tea. I asked our server how many had been used so far. He told us that only 1500 of them have been used to date. This is somewhat surprising seeing as they would have expired at the end of October. As it turns out the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver have extended the expiry date of the Groupon to the end of November. Use it or lose it people!!





2 responses to “Sneaking Away for a Date”

  1. thatsawrap Avatar

    We all had a great time too!!!

    The Babysitters

  2. caitlyn James Avatar

    Wonderful, Stacey!

    In spite of not having any bambinos to prevent date night – or maybe because we can talk of adult things any night – we don’t get out for a date very often. Maybe we’ll use your story as inspiration. Meanwhile, it’s date night with my young friend tonight. Lillian Alling, here we come!