Snow Day Driving Tips

Well, as it sometimes does, it has snowed in the Metro Vancouver area. Of course some areas of the city have been hit harder by the snow storm than others but if you need to drive, here are a couple tips to help keep you safe on the roads.

Snow Day
Snow Day Road Conditions
First, if you didn’t have the time or good sense to buy good quality snow tires for your car and you still feel the need to drive your car on the snow covered streets with your summer tires or all-season tires, there is an easy solution for you.

What you can do is go out to your car, shovel the snow away from your tires and then let about half the air out of each tire. Next, you go back inside your house and either call into your work to let them know that you have four flat tires. Or, if you really are as important to your work as you think you are, get on a bus or take transit to wherever you were thinking of going.

Why the “let the air out of the tires”routine? Because once you’ve let half the air out of your tires you can’t drive your car. If you do try to drive your car you will quickly ruin your tire rims. And seeing as you probably don’t want to ruin your rims, you won’t be tempted to drive your car again that day!

However, if you did have the foresight to buy snow tires, and you feel confident about your driving skills, and confident that the others on the road are as equally prepared for the road conditions as you are, then feel free to head out onto the city streets.

But before you go, do yourself and all the other drivers who you encounter a huge favour; clear the snow off your car before you head out on the road!

If you can’t wipe the snow off all your car windows and off the roof of your car before you begin driving, you are probably not emotionally prepared to drive on the snow covered or icy roads. So once again, go back in your house, put the car keys away and take transit. Or stay home.

Of course if you do have snow tires on your car and you did have the sense to clean the snow off your car before heading out on the snow covered roads, the best advice anyone can give you is to slow down, leave extra stopping distance between your car and the car in front of you, and understand that many other people have decided to drive even though they are not as prepared for the road conditions as they should be.

Slow down and take care if you are driving.

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  1. Are we allowed to let the air out of other people’s tires? You know, as a public service.

    And, for those of us with good winter tires, solid cars, confidence, and driving skills, who still think it is safest to keep as many cars off the road as possible – can everyone freaking shovel their sidewalks and apply icemelt?!! Thank-you, so much, signed a committed pedestrian.

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