Snowpocalypse 2016; a Tip of the Hat to CUPE 

After working his regular 8 hour afternoon shift at a school cleaning classrooms, washrooms, hallways and offices, one of my friends, a CUPE brother volunteered, like so many others, to come in to work the next morning at 5am to help clear snow and ice off the sidewalks and steps around and leading into the school.

He hand shovelled 2200 stairs that morning all while the snow continued to fall. After working his regular shift the night before. 

Someone had the nerve to come out of the school and complain to him that the stairs were still slippery. 

I prefer to take a different approach. 

I send heartfelt thanks to all the CUPE members who have worked around the clock so diligently over this last week trying to keep our schools, our community centres, and our roads and the so-many public services open and accessible. 

Sincerely, THANK YOU.