Solly’s Bagels 28th, Off Main Street

The twins and I stopped into Solly’s Bagelry on 28th, just off Main on the weekend for a late breakfast snack.

Solly's Bagels
Solly's Bagels

It was not terribly busy so I was able to wheel my kids right into the tiny store and chat with the guy who was making my breakfast sandwich.

My breakfast choice was the “Eggel.” A toasted a multi-grain bagel with a healthy smear of butter topped with a scrambled egg; not an egg-like product like so many fast food places but a real scrambled egg.

On top of the scrambled egg was a slice, nay, a slab of edam cheese. A 30 gram slab of cheese that is warmed just enough to soften and wilt into perfection. Add a shake of paprika and my breakfast sandwich was ready.

Solly's Bagels Eggel
Solly's Bagels Eggel

Solly’s Bagelry is located at 189 East 28 th Ave, half a block west of Main Street. You can phone them at 604-872-1821





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  1. Caitlyn James Avatar

    Yup. A favourite spot to duck off the main drag and have a nosh.