Stanley Park Brewing Sun Setter Summer Ale

Typically I like a dark beer – a stout or a porter that has phrases like  “hints of chocolate” or “coffee” and my favourite,  “aged in oak bourbon barrels”. Yes, I like my beer the same as my humour; very dark.

So when a friend offered me a couple bottles of  Stanley Park Brewing’s Sun Setter summer ale, well, let’s just say I wasn’t expecting too much from a summer beer described as having the taste of “ripe peaches and Citra hops”.

However, the fact is, I was very pleasantly surprised by the Stanley Park Brewing Sun Setter summer ale. It is described as an “American wheat ale with natural fruit, Sunset golden colour with an alcohol by volume of 4.8%.”

I typically buy growlers of craft beer from my local Port Moody breweries which is not as heavily carbonated as bottled beer. So I was surprised by the amount of head that developed in the glass as I poured the Sun Setter summer ale. Once the head settled, I topped the glass up and sat back to enjoy it.

And enjoy it, I certainly did!

The Sun Setter summer ale is a well-rounded, full-bodied beer that is incredibly rfreshing while sitting on the porch after a day working in the garden.

I often read the descriptions on wine bottles and chuckle a little when they talk about “hints of blackberry combined with leather and coffee” or other such bizarre descriptions. When I read the description of the Sun Setter, I had a similar reaction. And then I tasted it.

The taste of peaches was clear. And the Citra hops added a citrus like refreshing flavour. Believe it or not, the description of the Sun Setter is remarkably accurate.

While I will continue to buy growlers of porters and stouts from my local breweries, I will definitely be adding some Stanley Park Brewing Sun Setter Summer Ale to my summer beer drinking. Especially on hot summer evenings when I sit back on the porch with my sweetheart and watch the sunset.

Disclosure: a friend gave me the two bottles of Stanley Park Brewing Sun Setter Summer Ale and asked that I write a blog post about the beer. I have received no other financial or other incentive to write about their beer and everything I have said is my opinion. As always, editorial control of what is on my blog remains with me.