Farm Town Meats; Steak for Dinner

I have been crazy busy this week with work and making plans to head off to Whistler for the Beer Festival so I haven’t had a chance to sit down and tickle the keyboard. I have to admit, I have also been out with my kids riding our bicycles -soaking up the last few days of warm, sunny weather.

Anyway, yesterday I slowed down a little and cooked up a nice little steak from Farm Town Meats in Burnaby, just a couple blocks north of 10th Ave on 6th Street. Grass fed, grass finished New York strip loin for $15 a pound? Okay.

Farm Town Meats

I gave the steak a little rub with some extra virgin olive and then I shook on a healthy helping of the rub I got from Re-up barbecue and I let it sit on the counter at room temperature while I got the grill ready.

Farm Town Meats

I got the grill good and hot before flopping the steak on it.

Farm Town Meats

Five minutes – timed to the second on one side and then I flipped the steak over and let it cook for another four minutes. After that it was onto a plate to rest.

Farm Town Meats

After rest time was over I sliced the steak into strips and proceeded to eat.


A perfect dinner at the end of a very long week.

Now, I’m off to Whistler to get paid to drink beer!

  • Farm Town Meats is located at 7832 6th St, Burnaby. Ask for Josh, he is the owner/butcher of Farm Town Meats.