Stealing away for snuggles and cuddles

Last night I took the opportunity to sneak away from the business I am currently involved in and went home to see the girls. It was so very cool to be back at home, even after only being away for two days, and see the babies. Of course, and obviously so, Caragh did not want me to wake them up to “talk” to them but when Story did wake up, I seized the opportunity to pick her up and say hello.

It is so amusing to watch her come from her deep sleep and get to the point where she can recognize me. Last night, once her sleepy confusion wore off, a smile spread across her face, her arms flapped wildly, and a giggle was issued. Of course I then hand her off to my sweetheart who feeds her.

A little later, Annalie woke up. I raced up to her room, grabbed her out of her bed, we sat down in the nursery, popped the bottle in her and just blissed out for about an hour.

And for those who know me, it is funny to think of me sitting still for an hour with out any external, electronic connection to the world. But I did sit still and loved every second of that hour.

And then it was back to work, reading reports, organizing papers and preparing for another day of listening to and taking part in vigorous debate.