Store Brand Vs Name Brand Products

Last night I stopped at our local “Chopper” grocery store (somehow, I have no idea why, that is what we started to call the local No-Frills store when it opened a few months ago).  While I was at the Chopper I remembered that we needed more baby powder at home.

Seeing as I was in the Chopper and they had their store brand baby powder right there beside the Johnson & Johnson baby powder, and seeing as the store brand powder was a dollar cheaper than the John & Johnson powder, I thought, why not save a dollar?

Fail. I grew up with Johnson & Johnson baby powder. You tip the bottle up and the powder comes out. Everytime. The store brand baby powder does not flow. In order to get the powder out of the bottle you have to shake the bejeezly bottle and pound on the bottom of the bottle. All this while I am trying to hold a squirming baby on the change table.

Next time I will spring for the extra dollar. Sometimes cheaper is not a better value.





3 responses to “Store Brand Vs Name Brand Products”

  1. caitlyn James Avatar


    And, on to baby powder. I thought that some time between powdering the cute little buttocks of my sweet baby and now we learned that baby powder was a dangerous sin? Since I wasn’t powdering babies, I didn’t really pay attention but memory suggests something about talc in the lungs.

    Was this a momentary freaking out? Was there a change in formulation?

  2. stacey Avatar

    I have heard the same thing about baby powder made of talc. Now we buy the baby powder made of corn starch which has not yet been found to be dangerous…give ’em time.