Subscribing to Stacey Robinsmith dot com

I continue to learn new things about my blog now that I have made the big blog move. Initially I set up MailChimp so that people interested in subscribing to my blog would get a weekly update of the items I had posted.

Then I discovered a cool little thing called Jetpack for WordPress. Jetpack is a nifty little “plugin” that allows readers to comment on specific blog posts and, perhaps more importantly, allows readers to subscribe to my blog.

If you want to be notified whenever a blog post gets added to the blog, click the little box that says “Notify me of new posts by email”. As you can see in the photo above, it is located below the boxes where you add your name, email (which is never published or shared), and website.

Checking that box means that whenever I add content to the blog, you will get an email notification. If I post at 3am…you will get an email at 3am. Just a heads up. Although I rarely post stuff at 3am.

Anyway, feel free to stay with the weekly updates or do like the other cool kids and get the news as it comes off the presses. Your choice.

Thanks for reading!!