Subway Sandwiches Save the Day

This week just gone by was a week of working lunches. Every day I was asked to join one group or another to discuss stuff of such importance that we could not even leave the room to break for lunch.

A couple of times, instead of leaving the meeting room, we ordered lunch in for the entire group.

When was the last time you tried to organize a group lunch? Yikes. She can’t eat this, he won’t eat that, three people hate mayo, two want extra this or are allergic to that, and on and on and on.


The one day that everything went well was Wednesday and that is because my colleague proposed ordering lunch from Subway.

Once we all agreed on Subway sandwiches for lunch the rest was easy. Ordering our lunch was simple for one reason; Subway corporate catering.

It didn’t matter how many people wanted double swiss cheese or no cheese, no ham or their sandwich toasted, or not toasted or double mayo with honey mustard or whatever wild combination of dressings, condiments and extras. The answer from the Subway crew was, “No problem, we can do that.”

I would have included a picture of the sandwich platter that we had at the meeting except that the rest of the crew in the meeting opened up the platter and made a mess of the entire thing before I could even get my camera ready to go. Thank you Subway corporate catering for making the day go that little bit better.

And the outcome of Wednesday’s meeting? We found a way to significantly slow climate change. Unfortunately we forgot to record our ideas and have therefore all agreed to meet again next week.

At the next working luncheon I organize, I will definitely be ordering the group lunch through Subway corporate catering. Another customer service win.