Sunday Afternoon Family Series at the Evergreen Cultural Centre

Since becoming a Papa I have discovered this entirely new world that exists parallel to the world that I previously resided in. The new world (not a brave new world but a new world nonetheless) is all the cool stuff that parents and kids can enjoy.

The newest discovery (other than sleep, which I have recently rediscovered) is the Sunday afternoon family series at the Coquitlam Evergreen Cultural Centre. I am so going to be in the audience with Brown Bear and Blonde Bear on November 28th when Jamie Norris’ production of 500 Words opens on stage.

In a nutshell, the storyline of 500 Words is Lance is the smartest kid in class and he is partnered with Sylvia, a girl who has never learned to read. Count me in for opening night…or the opening Sunday afternoon just after naptime (the girls’, not mine).

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