Sunday at Quan’s Kitchen on Austin

Home again from our weekly breakfast at Quan’s. Story was her usual charming self this morning. She has become very vocal in the last couple of days and lets loose these piercing squeals that can be quite shocking to some. About half way through brekkie though she started squirming and acting all goofy. If her mom had been there she would have told me that she was tired. So I plugged the bottle in her mouth and within seconds she was asleep in my arms. Our fine-dining experience carried on, in peace.

Caragh found this little gem on

What a lively and fun parenting team! Together you are enthusiastic, vibrant, and able to adapt to the changing needs of your family. The Gemini parent is more cerebral (YES! That is me!!), encouraging the little ones to talk and play, drawing out their curiosity, and engaging them in games, puzzles, or other fun mental activities. Your jokes (what, me joke?) make the little ones laugh, and they delight in your youthful energy and playful mind.

The Leo parent is also great fun but much more dramatic (this is TOTALLY Caragh!!): You’re the one who will help neighbourhood kids put on plays in your backyard. You bring stability and leadership to the scene. Your children will look up to you, which suits you just fine! You’ll be the more likely parent to assert your authority and insist on strong discipline and good behavior from your children.

So very true. On another note, what in life prepares a male for dressing babies or small children? It is like torture trying to get these little squirmasauruses into clothing. Story loves to roll over to her tummy mid-diaper change. I am trying to hold her down, pull a wipe out of the plastic container, keep the wet diaper away from her thrashing feet while listening to their mother making ever-so-helpful suggestions about how I should be doing things.

And then to try and get their little arms with hand splayed open into a long-sleeve shirt…my God. It is easier to put toothpaste back in the tube than to dress these two.