Sushi Paradise in New Westminster

In my ongoing efforts to fill out the must try sushi joints page here on my blog I tried a new place today – Sushi Paradise.

Sushi Paradise is a little bit unique in Metro Vancouver because it is owned and operated by Japanese people. I do love my Korean cut sushi but I also appreciate more traditional Japanese style sushi.

I find Japanese-style sushi has a finer, more delicate cut and it is a little bit more artistic looking than the Korean cut sushi. This is not to say that one is better than the other, it is just that they are different than one another.

Summer Tropical Roll
Summer Tropical Roll

Today, rather than ordering a set combo, I decided to sample a few special items from their menu.


I had the summer tropical roll, tuna sushi, my favourite, the Toro sushi from the tuna belly and two pieces of wild sockeye salmon sushi.

The summer tropical roll was excellent; a very thin layer of mango on top of a layer of avocado made it absolutely like a taste of summer. A crisp green bean and spicy tuna on the inside complete this tasty treat.

I love the Toro sushi, that is the sushi cut from the belly of the tuna because it has a richer, more buttery, fattier taste than the standard tuna sushi.

Toro Sushi
Toro Sushi

Toro from Paradise Sushi was perfectly so – rich, buttery, fatty. Excellent.

And I don’t know what it is about wild sockeye salmon but the flavour is just so much more intense then you get from the farmed salmon.


For me, Paradise Sushi is a positive addition to my must-try sushi joints. So if you’re in New Westminster near Moody Park you should, or you are well advised, to stop into Sushi Paradise to get a sushi snack to go.