Swiss Chard is My Kale

Almost as easy to grow is green onions, Swiss chard is one of those crops that never seems to fail. Swiss chard can be planted very early in the spring and grows quickly, providing a first green crop of the season for those who have suffered through a long winter without greens from the garden.
An important note about Swiss chard is that when the temperature warms up, the chard tends to bolt. Bolting is when it forms a crown at the top of the plant and starts creating a seedhead or blossom like thing on top of it. To stop the chard from bolting, snip the top crown off and keep harvesting the leaves lower down.
I actually prefer Swiss chard over the stupidly popular and ubiquitous kale trend that is going on. I also prefer chard overtop of spinach. Sure spinach is a super food but I get a bit bored of it and chard is a tasty and nutritious alternative.