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Buy Local Program Expanding

If you are not interested or not able to grow your own food as I like to do, the next best thing is to buy local. Now shoppers will be able to identify B.C. foods for family meals, school snacks and even pet food, as a result of a branding program the B.C. Food Processors […]


Mid-Season Update of the 100 Mile Diet

Time for a mid-season update on the 100 Mile Diet. As I have previously blogged, the front yard garden has been expanding. Having spent some of my formative years on a small farm, I have difficulty leaving a patch of soil as a useless patch of lawn. I like to grow food. Last fall we […]


My Very Own Magical Beans

Last week, on Thursday July 11th I took a few minutes before heading off to school and I planted a couple rows of green bush beans. I’m not sure if you remember or not, but last year I had significant difficulty getting beans to sprout. I now realize that I was simply planting them too […]


Wordless Wednesday; Our 100 Mile Diet

The 100 Mile Diet (actually I call it our 100 foot diet) has continued this year. We are in full production now with a crop of snap peas, kale and salad greens harvested and consumed. The Grand Forks garlic is nearing harvest time and we are now considering the next crops to plant.

Life Musings

The 100 Mile Diet Year 3

Well, I have to admit that last fall I made my first¬†colossal screw up in my application of the 100 Mile Diet, what I call the 100 Foot Diet Garden. The worst part of my screw up is that it didn’t show up until this spring. So just what was my screw up? Well, as […]


The Garden Harvest Continues

The 100 Foot Diet we have going on here, supplied from our garden is picking up steam. While our super-slow-to-begin green beans kept our attention, the climber beans were going gang-busters. They are now producing like crazy. Our carrots are also filling the garden chock-a-block full. Every time we feel like eating a carrot we […]

Getting Outside

Coquitlam Farmer’s Market

On the weekend the family and I went over to the Coquitlam Farmer’s Market which is held every Sunday in the¬†Dogwood Pavilion parking lot (Poirier and Winslow Streets) in, you guessed it, Coquitlam. I was impressed with the visual display of local produce (if you count berries from Abbotsford as local).         […]