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Heinz Baby Food Recall

Just when we have started our twins on solid food, the news came across that Heinz has recalled some of their Mixed Baby Cereal because it contains a possible carcinogen. YIKES. It should be interesting to see how Heinz handles this product recall. Hopefully they do not have the same public relations people as Tiger […]

Life Musings

Decisions, decisions, decisions

A serious post this morning. When you have babies, you have so many serious choices to make and you really do not know if anything you are doing is the right thing or wrong thing. And then you add in product recalls, choices around which formula to give your baby, or whether you should or […]

Life Musings

Baby Food Comparison

The twins have grown to an age when they eat more than just boob milk and baby formula. They eat actual food now. Some rice cereal stuff, what we used to call Pablum when I was a baby. But they also eat from those little jars of baby food. And have you slowed down and […]