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Getting Outside

Eastside Culture Crawl to Hand & Sew

Starting on Friday afternoon of last week and going all weekend, East Vancouver artists and artisans (what is the difference between the two?) hosted the 17th annual Eastside Culture Crawl. While I am not really a “culture crawling-type” of suburbanite, I knew that a Facebook friend, Steven Enns, owner and operator of Hand & Sew […]

Getting Outside

Bexar Goods Vagabond Backpack Video Review Pt One

I very recently bought a Bexar Goods Vagabond backpack and decided to run the backpack through its paces by taking it on an excursion to the last true frontier in the USA, Alaska. Here is my video review of the Bexar Goods Vagabond just before I slipped it on my back and began to ascend […]

Life Musings

Saddleback Leather Briefcase to be Destroyed

MythBusters will try to blow-up a Custom Saddleback Leather Briefcase this Wednesday night, Dec. 22nd at 9pm EST on the Discovery Channel. The premise of blowing up such a fine piece of leather is to see if they could have assassinated Hitler by putting a bomb in a briefcase. As some of you know, I […]