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Making a Leather Belt

As you may know, I am into doing leather work; I have created a couple briefcases, two little tool bags and now a postal-style messenger bag. Now, I’m learning how to make belts for myself. The first step, other than cutting the strip of leather is to smooth off the inside edge of the belt. […]


A Simple Leather Belt Company Giveaway

Well, my season of giving continues. This time we have partnered with the guys behind A Simple Leather Belt Company┬áto offer a cool giveaway of one of their cool new cinch belts. So what is the story behind ASLBCo? Well, you take two university students, one with an interest in entrepreneurship and the other with […]

Durable Goods

A Simple Leather Belt Follow-up Video Review

In the summer I purchased a belt from A Simple Leather Belt. I was very pleased with my purchase at the time and, well, I am still pleased with my purchase.┬áSo, here is a follow up video review of my purchase. To read about my initial thoughts on the belt, visit my blog post on […]

Durable Goods

A Simple Leather Belt

I recently discovered that I needed a new leather belt. I have to admit, there is nothing wrong with the belt that I was using other than the fact that it seems to be too short now. I’m not sure how this happened, but it did happen. As you probably know, I love my leather. […]