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Leghorn Ranch Horseback Riding

I made a deal with my daughters for their birthday this year. The deal was, rather than buying them a toy or something that they might use for a short while and then set aside, I would buy them an experience – and that’s how we connected with Leghorn Ranch. Hopefully an experience they will […]

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Gone But Not Forgotten

Today would’ve been my grandfather’s 103rd birthday. There are many things I remember about my grandfather. Usually if I went to see him we would go off to some construction site on some remote mountain and cut firewood. Funny to think back and realize that the “remote” mountain we frequently worked on was actually Burnaby […]

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Happy Birthday Grampa Joe

If he were still alive my Grandfather would have turned 97 today. It sounds kind of funny but I remember my grandfather, Grampa Joe, as being more of a friend than anything else. Even though we lived in very different worlds we could always sit down over a cup of percolated coffee and talk. He […]

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How big we have become!

The girls like to curl their tiny fingers around mine and this morning I looked down at that hand and thought about how big they have grown in the last seven months. Compared to the first couple of days and weeks of their lives. Please follow and like us:

Life Musings

A birthday of sorts

To an individual who has not yet experienced a pregnancy or had the joy of children living with them from birth, a pregnancy is nine months long. Maybe some will say nine months and a week. However, once you have travelled the road of pregnancy, all that changes. You see, pregnancy is not measured in months […]