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Starbucks Carved Ham and Swiss Sandwich

I have to admit, I have not been happy with the last few breakfast sandwiches I’ve bought from Starbucks. The bacon sandwiches have seriously under cooked and stringy bacon and the roasted ham sandwiches have had an odd chemical-like smell and taste. Not a happy Starbucks customer. And then they brought in the carved ham […]

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Coming Home Cafe New Westminster

Catching up on a couple blog posts that were left as drafts before I took off with my kids for an 8 day trip to the interior of BC. This one is really simple, great Eggs Benedict with good pan fried potatoes at the funny little restaurant called the Coming Home Cafe in uptown New […]

In the Kitchen

Beet Greens and Eggs for Breakfast

Breakfast today was two eggs from the place we always stop in Agassiz fried sunny side up and perched atop a little nest of beet greens from my front yard garden. The eggs and beet greens were all sitting on a couple slices of toasted homemade wholewheat bread. The slices of tomato were store bought. […]

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Red Wagon Cafe Fails to Meet Expectations 

After waiting for months and months and months to get into the Red Wagon Cafe on East Hastings Street, we finally found a moment when there wasn’t a line-up of hipsters out front of the place. And what a total and complete disappointment the entire Red Wagon Cafe experience turned out to be. First off, […]

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The Ovaltine Cafe

There is good stuff happening in the Ovaltine Cafe down near Hastings and Main. Grace, formerly an employee of the original Save on Meats cafe from back when Al Deslauriers was the owner, has taken over the Ovaltine Cafe and is working hard at improving the menu and the quality of the food. Visiting the […]

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Rod’s Kitchen and Grill

Rod’s Kitchen and Grill is one of those places that I frequently drive by and think about trying but is unfortunately always closed when I am travelling through the neighbourhood. The reality is that Rod’s Kitchen and Grill is open during business hours to serve the nearby working people or Skytrain commuters. So this being […]

In the Kitchen

A Super Quick and Healthy Breakfast 

My One Pot Pasta was easy but this quick and healthy breakfast one is even easier! First, I cracked two eggs into a mug! As a side note, notice how the egg yolks are such different colours? I chopped up a small piece of cheddar cheese and less than a quarter cup of the leftovers […]

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The Big 6 Restaurant For Breakfast

In my continuing research efforts of finding trustworthy breakfast joints around the Metro Vancouver area, I stopped at a Burnaby institution, the Big 6 Restaurant.    Years ago I would meet my grandfather at the Big 6 for the Trucker’s Breakfast special. Back then the special was $2.95. Now the Trucker’s Special of two eggs, […]

Foodie News

The Northern Cafe and Grill Vancouver

I’ve wanted to try the Northern Cafe and Grill Vancouver for a long time but their hours of 7am to 3pm has made it virtually impossible for me to get a meal there. Well, with me being on summer holidays, I saw my opportunity. Going for a breakfast at the Northern Cafe and Grill Vancouver […]