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Hi Five Chicken
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Hi Five Chicken Burger

I had a hankering for a chicken sandwich so I swung by Hi Five Chicken on the Burnaby/New West border just in tine to grab their lunch special; a Home Style Spicy Sandwich with a side of wedge cut fries. Seeing as I knew that I would more than likely have to share my chicken […]

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Chicken Holic in Coquitlam 

I recently tried a funky new chicken place on Austin Ave in Coquitlam. It truly is a cultural mash-up. Chicken Holic is run by a Korean family and while there, I had a Butter Chicken Poutine. French Canadian food with an Indian twist made by a Korean. The food was truly delicious and I will […]

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Lunch at New West’s Rivermarket

Last week I was in New Westminster so I took the opportunity to stop at the Rivermarket (formerly the New West Quay) for lunch. To begin I had the Free Bird Chicken Shack Banh Mi – a Vietnamese sub sandwich. An awesome combination of pickled veggies, fresh cilantro, and that succulent roast chicken all inside […]

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The Hideout Cafe

Even though I had not been into The Hideout Cafe for at least three years (only because I no longer have an office near them), when I entered the cafe, the woman working there greeted me with a big smile and asked where I had been. Still offering awesome customer – would their food be […]

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Longtail Kitchen at Rivermarket

Have you ever wandered into a restaurant, seen the menu, and wanted to order the entire menu? That is kind of what happened to us yesterday when we went into long tail kitchen in New Westminster’s Rivermarket (formerly known as the New West Quay). The stand out item from the menu for us – the chicken […]

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The Wildcat Grill Restaurant 

Lunch today in Rosedale – it is just east of Chilliwack – at the Wildcat Restsurant.  I chose their Caesar salad rather than fries as a side. Healthy choices and all that. The massive side of Caesar salad was perfectly creamy.     My main was a Buffalo Chicken burger. A grilled chicken breast with hot […]

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KFC Double Down

What are your thoughts or feelings about the controversial “burger” that Kentucky Fried Chicken releases occasionally, the Double Down?      For those who may not know, the KFC Double Down “burger” is made from two pieces of chicken instead of buns. Between the pieces of chicken is bacon, Monterey Jack cheese and “Colonel sauce”.  I […]

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Cactus Club Serves Up a Winner Dinner

Last week I wanted to go out for a family celebration with my mother and sister and we agreed upon the Cactus Club restaurant on Kingsway across from Metrotown. As it turned out, our choice was a good choice. I have not been in a Cactus Club restaurant for quite some time and I was […]

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A Visit to Hopcott Meats

After the recent outbreak of Avian flu in the Fraser Valley I started thinking a little more about how food is produced. One of the poultry barns that became infected with Avian flu housed something like 20,000 birds. That is not a farm, that is a food factory. And then the infection continued progressing through […]