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Weather Forecast

Country Tire for Winter Tires

If you live in Metro Vancouver and you commute by car, things are about to get “real” and you probably want to get winter tires for your car. The forecast is calling for … SNOW in Metro Vancouver. Before we go any further, be aware that this is not a blog post I have been […]


The Rad Power Bike Radrover

I’m loving this Radrover bike. It is a beast of a machine! This morning I rode to school and it didn’t take me even five minutes longer than if I drive my car. It might have even been faster. In case you don’t know, the Radrover is an electric bike. It has two options – […]

Community Events

Open House to Explore Brunette Interchange Options

Although there are some people who live in New Westminster who would rather have all links from neighbouring communities completely severed, that doesn’t appear to be one of the options being considered by BC’s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. There will be two open houses at which the public’s feedback regarding the future Brunette Interchange […]

Life Musings

Race Car Drivers and Commuting 

The following is an open letter to the young man driving the hopped up import car with the super fat muffler that sounds like a jet engine running down the street in front of me. Seriously dude, you remind me of a young Mario Andretti. Maybe even an Al Unser. You control your car in a […]

Life Musings

New Online Traffic Map for Metro Vancouver

Drivers in Metro Vancouver have a new, real-time traffic map to plan smarter and more efficient journeys. The traffic map is free to use and accessible online. The map colour-codes major highways and roads in the Metro Vancouver region according to traffic speeds. Green means traffic is moving well, orange means traffic is slow and […]