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Coquitlam Improving Waste Diversion

Although the people of Coquitlam are just three months into the new solid waste collection program, it is already yielding positive results in waste diversion. One of the major goals of the new solid waste collection program was to increase participation in the City’s green waste program thereby reducing the amount of compostable trash going […]

Getting Outside

More on Coquitlam’s New Waste Collection System

After visiting the Coquitlam waste management tent at the Canada Day celebrations yesterday I learned a couple of new things about the new waste collection system being implemented in Coquitlam, BC. First, you cannot put cat litter or dog waste (poop) into the green bins. No way, no how. So I asked, what are people […]

Getting Outside

Coquitlam Hosting a Compost Tea Party

Coquitlam is hosting a very different kind of party on Thursday, May 10, 2012. To celebrate International Compost Awareness Week, the City is inviting people to attend a Compost Tea Party. “The event is aimed at teaching people how to feed their plants and soil naturally with compost,” said Verne Kucy, Coquitlam’s Manager of Environmental […]