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Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Here is the recipe for the most amazing and best tasting gluten free chocolate chip cookies you will ever find. Perhaps the best part, these cookies are super easy and quick to make. Mix the following ingredients together in a bowl: One cup of almond butter 3/4 cup of sugar One large egg A half […]


Healthy Breakfast Cookies – Recipe

For whatever reason, I often have a difficult time eating breakfast because I am just not hungry in the early morning before I head out the door. To deal with this, we have been making healthy breakfast cookies the night before so I can just grab two or three of them, sometimes with my morning […]


Limes and Chocolate Chip Cookies

A follow up on yesterday’s post about “limepocalypse”. I was across the border in the US this afternoon doing some research for a client and in the Blaine grocery store I saw a large display of limes – 2 for a dollar! So much for my theory about criminal organizations taking over the lime business. […]