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In the Kitchen

Instant Pot Beef Stew

I went ahead and tried another Instant Pot meal. I figured I can make a pretty amazing mac and cheese, so why not try beef stew? So I did. What’s it take to make a beef stew? Some stewing beef, a couple potatoes, a sweet potato, a jumbo carrot, a cookie stalks of celery and […]

In the Kitchen

Chopped Challenge NWSS

Thursday afternoon I was invited to be a judge on the NWSS Chopped Challenge for a group of grade 9 students. And let me begin by saying that although some of the dishes were not great, the attitude, the energy, and the respect that the students showed to the food was certainly inspiring. The students […]


Gateway Theatre Festival’s – Cook Your Life

Following last year’s ground-breaking inaugural year, Gateway Theatre is thrilled to bring back the Gateway Theatre Pacific Festival, showcasing in Richmond BC the best contemporary theatre Hong Kong has to offer. One of the theatre events in the Gateway Theatre Pacific Festival that is of particular interest to me combines two of my passions: food and live theatre. […]

Foodie News

Food Revolution Day 2014

Do you know that tomorrow is Food Revolution Day 2014? And what is Food Revolution Day you ask? Well, it is a campaign by the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation . Food Revolution Day is about celebrating the importance of cooking good food from scratch and raising awareness of how it impacts our health and happiness – we […]