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Life Musings


I often hear people saying, “we’ll do…after things get back to normal.” What if what we are doing, or more accurately, what if what we are not doing now is the new normal?

Life Musings

An Inspirational Thought

As many BC teachers (me included) continue to grapple with implementing new curriculum to their teaching practice, the following quote from George Couros’ book “The Innovator’s Mindset” struck a chord with me, “Again though, at the heart of innovation are people, not stuff.”  That’s my inspirational thought to end what has been a very long […]

Life Musings

Farm Wisdom

When you are on a farm or a ranch and you come across a gate that you need to pass through and it is closed, after you go through it, you close it again! This is one of the most important rules there is to life on a farm or in the country.     The […]