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A Dinner Party – With our Baby Girls in Attendance

Well we are home again and the wee ‘uns are safely sleeping in their beds and all is right in the world. In short, we, my Sweetheart and our baby girls, and perhaps more importantly, our hosts survived our very first Christmas – Winter Solstice party. My Sweetheart’s anxiety was running at a fever pitch […]

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The Q Steakhouse

So hosted my annual mans’ night dinner on Saturday night at the Q Steakhouse. Unfortunately two of the invitees canceled late in the process. Regardless, a very good time was had by the two of us who did make it. When we arrived the young lady at the door greeted us with a smile and remembered my request […]

Life Musings

Saturday sushi dinner time

So after our exhausting day with the twins yesterday we couldn’t even bring ourselves to make a salad for dinner. We were so wiped out I was sent out of the house to forage for food for us. Being semi-vegetarian this is sometimes a bit of an adventure. Semi-veggie to us means that we will […]