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Getting Outside

Coquitlam’s Tree Watering Bags

For the second year in a row, Coquitlam has installed watering bags to help out young trees and is inviting neighbouring residents to help keep the trees healthy by adding water to the bags during drier spells. The City of Coquitlam is committed to supporting a healthy urban forest that includes 2,800 young trees. To […]

Life Musings

Our Little Drought and Water Restrictions

Metro Vancouver recently moved into stage 3 water restrictions. That means that even though it rained a little this weekend, you are not allowed to water your lawn or wash your car. If you have a garden or trees in your yard you are allowed to continue to water them by hand. Just don’t put […]

Life Musings

The California Drought

On Friday afternoon I was listening to Stephen Quinn, the host of the CBC radio show On the Coast discussing with a guest the ongoing California drought. The guest was a journalist who lives in California near Sacramento, the capital city of the state of California. Quinn and his guest were talking about California Governor Jerry Brown’s […]