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The #5DadsGoWild Ford Explorer Experience

I’m a guy who grew up with trucks. My dad had a truck, both my grandfathers had trucks, and the first vehicle I ever owned was a truck. I love trucks. However, now my lifestyle is not conducive to owning a truck. In fact, I currently drive one of the smallest and least technologically advanced […]

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Google’s Self Driving Car

I read with a chuckle a letter to the editor in our local newspaper the other day about Google’s plan to introduce self driving cars to the North American car market.  The letter writer was complaining that if there are self driving cars these “soul-less machines” will have no accountability and that one of them […]

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Searching for the perfect family car

My long term readers will know that I have been searching for the perfect family car for quite some time. Yes, I have been searching for the perfect car for sale for quite some time. You may recall my test drive of a Ferrari Maranello. Although the Ferrari had ferocious acceleration, the lack of back […]

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Hybrid Gas Guzzlers

When you see these sorts of signs on the sides or rear ends of gas guzzling behemoths, what are your thoughts? Do your thoughts change when you see a single senior getting in or out of the vehicle? Do you wonder why they are driving such a large, gas guzzling behemoth? Please follow and like […]

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Crowd Sourcing a New Family Car

As many of my followers know, I have been searching for a new family car for quite some time. I have taken a Ferrari Maranello for a test run, a Mercedes Serenity and I even had guest poster Lee-Anne tell her story of how they came to their decision to purchase a Kia Soul. I […]

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Family Car Search Hummer H2 Edition

In our continuing search for a new family car I ventured into New Westminster to Royal City Auto hoping that they had a Hummer H1 for me to test drive. Unfortunately they did not have the legendary original Hummer H1 so I had to settle for a look at a Hummer H2. Here is a […]


Jeff Gordon’s Chevy Camaro Test Drive

Seeing as I am still in the hunt for a new family vehicle, I quite enjoyed this little video about a guy named Mike taking a Chevy Camaro out for a test drive. A friend recommended that I take an original Hummer out for a test ride to see if it is what our family […]

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The All-Electric Zero Motorcycle Test Ride

A good buddy and I, both of us avid motorcyclists, popped into the 2nd Gear Motorcycle shop to test ride the all-electric Zero Motorcycle. Kent Aubichon, Zero Motorcycles Canadian sales manager let us take the bike out for a little ride around the Coquitlam neighbourhood. Here is a little video I shot of my impressions […]

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The Family Car Search Continues

For those who have been following our journey for more than awhile know that we continue to hunt for ┬ánew family car. The first car I test drove did not have an adequate back seat. The next car was too tall to fit in the car park. Our guest blogger described the process her partner […]