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  • Family Day 2019 Pics

    Family Day 2019 Pics

    Family Day 2019 weekend in pictures. Not moving pictures. Just pictures.

  • Family Day Fun 2018

    How was your Family Day? I spent the day traipsing around the city with my kids seeking all the spices and flavours that make meals marvellous. We had success finding flavours of rosemary rock salt bagels, elk pepperoni and bison milk blue cheese at Granville Island. And we bought a mortar and pestle in the…

  • A drive to the West End of Vancouver

    Today was another truly exhausting day. It started too early in the morning for usĀ and went too late in the day for the twins. When that happens they have mini-meltdowns and cannot hold themselves together. It typically happens when we try to jam too much into a day and the kids then miss their afternoon…