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Getting Outside

The Farmhouse Kitchen Table

After many, many years, my farmhouse kitchen table is in use. Last weekend I took it to our cabin, removed the existing kitchen and set up my new homemade farmhouse kitchen table. If you remember, this is a table I created. I actually cut down the tree, milled the logs into lumber, and then let […]

Getting Outside

My Farmhouse Kitchen Table Continues

I’ve made some progress on my farmhouse kitchen table. Perhaps most importantly, I’ve got the table and parts at home in my garage! As you can see, all the pieces are now glued together, cut to length, cut to width, and planed and sanded to the desired thickness. Did I show you how I took […]

Getting Outside

Making a Farmhouse Kitchen Table

I decided to make myself a new “farmhouse style” kitchen table for my cabin from a couple of bug-killed trees I cut down around my cabin years ago. After cutting the trees down, my friend and I used an Alaskan-Sawmill and milled the trees into dimensional lumber. That was 10 or 15 years ago and […]