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Life Musings

Military Training and Fatherhood

A friend of mine is going to become a father very soon and he was asking me what fatherhood is like and what he can do to prepare himself for the life changes he will soon be facing. So I told him the truth – being a parent is much like being in the military. […]

Life Musings

Rules For Dads Raising Daughters

Typically when my Sweetheart sends me web links and advice on how to be a good father (like the book she bought me, Dad’s Book of Answers, written by a woman) I laugh and don’t bother reading much of it. After all, I am usually the source of endless wisdom, why do I need to […]

Life Musings

My Military Training and Fatherhood Skills Overlap

I was doing some thinking late last night. (Cue the peanut gallery comments here). The realization I came to (other than I will now only drink 12 year old, single malt scotch) is that my years of military battle-preparedness training skills transfer quite nicely to fatherhood. For example, one of the battle preparedness, energy conservation philosophies we […]