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My One Pot Wonder Gluten Free Mac and Cheese

Yesterday I had the chance to fine-tune my one pot gluten free mac and cheese even a little more. For this latest edition of my one pot wonder I wanted to make a smaller amount – I did not want leftovers. So I poured into my middle size saucepan; one cup of gluten free macaroni […]

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Fermented Buckwheat Loaf Pt 2

We tried the fermented buck wheat loaf with 3 cups of buckwheat this time.  The 2 cup buckwheat fermented loaf calls for a half teaspoon of salt. We doubled the salt to 1 teaspoon for 3 cups of buckwheat and it still could’ve used a little bit more. Of course that is just personal taste.  […]

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Buckwheat Loaf

More on this later but for a visual taste, here is a picture of a naturally fermented buckwheat loaf – I call it a loaf, not bread. Recipe to follow-     Please follow and like us:

Foodie News

Cheesecake Shortcut

Cheesecake is one of the desserts that will earn you all sorts of brownie points. Especially if it is a good cheesecake.    Cheesecake is actually relatively straightforward and simple to make, but the one really tricky part of making cheesecake is making the crust.  Frequently the crust on cheesecake is like a layer of fine […]

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Grains of Truth about Minute Rice

If you are like me and so many families I know, and you feel pressed for time and you need a quick and healthy meal for your family then you really should consider Minute Rice. On Thursday evening I was invited (via webcast) to see Chef John Higgins, Director of Toronto-based George Brown Chef School […]

In the Kitchen

Gluten-Free Brazilian Cheese Breads

My Mom made these cool little cheese breads – cheese breads that are gluten-free and yet still full of flavour!! Once again, these are so easy to make that it is almost ridiculous. The best way to mix together the ingredients for these cheese breads is in a blender. However if you’re one of the […]

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Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Here is the recipe for the most amazing and best tasting gluten free chocolate chip cookies you will ever find. Perhaps the best part, these cookies are super easy and quick to make. Mix the following ingredients together in a bowl: One cup of almond butter 3/4 cup of sugar One large egg A half […]

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Vegetarianism and Gluten Free Diets

It is an interesting experiment to tell people that you follow some special kind of diet. Take for example when I was a vegetarian (I was not what you would call a strict vegetarian, I just didn’t eat mammal flesh). When I told people I was a vegetarian they were immediately concerned about my health […]