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Puff Pastry Ratatouille
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Jamie Oliver Puff Pastry Ratatouille

Okay, I have to admit – I am running on fumes and I am struggling to find the energy to write anything these days. I have taken to calling every day Blursday because honestly, all the days seems the same. One of the positives from being in this “stay home” situation is that the kids […]

Christmas Gifts
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Christmas Gifts and Foggy Days

I love the foggy days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve … when so many of us do not have to report in to work … such bliss. I’ve been enjoying time with family and friends and my new kitchen tools! The first new “toy” I got was a completely unexpected purchase; a beautiful new […]

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Updated; No-Knead Rolled Oats Bread

I promise this isn’t turning into a bread-blog, but my goodness, did we ever make a beauty of a loaf of bread yesterday! This is our No-Knead Rolled Oats Bread. I checked out Steve’s Kitchen on YouTube and followed his super simple instructions and wow, what a beautiful loaf! It rose up almost to the lid […]

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Stuffed Peppers with Campbell’s Soup

Yesterday after school the kids and I saw a video of “how to make stuffed peppers” on the Facebook and we decided to try making them in our test kitchen. They turned out pretty good – but not perfect. But…we’ll get to that. .We started out by prepping the peppers – we cut the tops off […]

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The Vita-Mix; My Favourite Appliance

One of my all time favourite kitchen appliances is my Vita-Mix. The Vita-Mix is so much more than a blender! I believe it has a 2 horsepower motor that drives the blade inside the container at something like 20,000 rpm. Crazy powerful. I used to use my Vita-Mix everyday because it is so easy to […]

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SushiQuik for the Home

The good folks at SushiQuik make a nifty device for rolling your own sushi at home and they were kind enough to send me a complimentary sample of their device so that I could see how it works, play around with it, and make a short video of my experience with the SushiQuik. As I […]

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Meatless Monday Serves up Delicious Quinoa Patties

For our meatless Monday meal, Sweetheart took the big bowl of leftover quinoa and made amazing little patties. I have been told that these tasty little treats are relatively easy to make, especially if you have a stand mixer on your countertop. Try them with the recipe first and then get creative to do more, […]