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  • My Tour of the Vancouver Filson Store

    Earlier this week I was invited to a wine tasting event at Vancouver’s Filson store in Gastown. While taking the time to taste the 1000 Stories Zinfandel wine, I took the time to thoroughly tour and drool over the amazing variety of goods that Filson has in their store. As well as admiring all the…

  • My Crushed Leather Company Carry – Follow Up

    As I said I would, I have now filmed a follow-up video review of the Crushed Leather Company Carry. In this video I describe how during the making of this bag they could taper the nylon webbing that is used inside the shoulder strap and continues around the body of the bag. After doing some…

  • Bexar Goods Porter Satchel Follow Up Video

    After looking back at the video review of the Bexar Goods Porter Satchel that I recently completed, I realized that I had not talked about how much the bag will hold. So I filmed a follow up review to discuss that. Here it is – 

  • Bexar Goods Porter Satchel

    I was away at the family cottage for a few days so I filmed a video review of the leather bag that has become my everyday carry – my Bexar Goods Porter Satchel. Have a look –

  • Marlondo Leather Weekend Duffel Bag

    Now that I am back to work at my day job and getting paid, I felt safe about adding a new leather bag to my collection for the family weekends-away that we occasionally enjoy. I have grown tired of seeing plastic bins loaded in the family wagon when we travel so I decided to get…

  • Video Review of Marlondo Leather Bag

    I recently received my newest leather bag, a 15″ unlined Marlondo Leather Postal Leather Messenger bag. Here is my video review of the bag; If you are looking very closely there is a little Seinfeld-like surprise over my shoulder. Granted, it is very difficult to see.

  • Bexar Goods Vagabond Backpack Video Review Pt 2

    Here is a follow up video review of my new Bexar Goods Vagabond backpack after a few days use. I have to say, the backpack has more than proven its worth after trekking across Alaska with me.

  • Bexar Goods Vagabond Backpack Video Review Pt One

    I very recently bought a Bexar Goods Vagabond backpack and decided to run the backpack through its paces by taking it on an excursion to the last true frontier in the USA, Alaska. Here is my video review of the Bexar Goods Vagabond just before I slipped it on my back and began to ascend…

  • Baytowne Leather Wallets and a GIVEAWAY!!

    Here is a video of my latest Baytowne Leather wallet/credit card holder. Seeing as Roge of Baytowne Leather provided this little credit card holder/wallet (the first wallet I presented in the above video) to me as a gift, I feel it is only appropriate that I continue that giving. If you are interested in being…

  • Bay Towne Leather’s Credit Card Case – And a Giveaway!!

    Once again I have acted upon my passion for quality leather; this time I bought a credit card case from my friend Roge at Bay Towne Leather. The credit card case (pictured to the right) that Roge created for me is an excellent piece. Made of 5oz Premium Oak veg tan cow hide, it can hold eight…